Calvin Harris teases new Sam Smith collab in Ibiza

Five years after the release of his chart-topping collaboration with Sam Smith, “Promises,” Calvin Harris is back with a highly anticipated follow-up track, “Desire.” Harris gave his fans a taste of the upcoming single by sharing a video snippet on Instagram from his recent residency performance at Ushuaia Ibiza. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with artists like Hardwell, Kygo, Dom Dolla, and Sam Feldt and many others showing their support. The song sample suggests that “Desire” will continue Harris’ trend of higher BPMs. As a trance enthusiast, I am personally excited about this and hopeful that it paves the way for incorporating more trance songs into club sets.

Pioneering the Golden Era of EDM

Calvin Harris has long been an influential figure in the world of dance music. He played a significant role in shaping the “big room” sound that defined the Golden Era of EDM in 2012. Hits like “Bounce” featuring Kelis, “We Found Love” featuring Rihanna, “Sweet Nothing” featuring Florence Welch, and “Feel So Close” propelled him to the top of the charts and cemented his status as a pioneer in the genre.

Rediscovering Old-School Calvin Harris

For those unfamiliar with Calvin Harris’ earlier work, I highly recommend exploring his 2007 album, which features standout tracks, “Acceptable in the 80s” and “The Girls.” These two songs showcase Harris’ unique style and infectious energy, capturing the essence of his early career. They provide a fascinating glimpse into his evolution over the years and serve as a testament to his versatility.

The Return of Rising BPMs

Calvin Harris’ recent set at Coachella gave fans a taste of what’s to come with “Desire.” During his performance, he famously played Eli Brown’s 136BPM track, “Be The One,” after 1AM, igniting the crowd’s energy, and racking up the fines — Coachella was fined $20K per performance that went past 1AM, plus $1K per minute starting at the sixth minute after the 1AM curfew. Despite the fines levied on the festival for exceeding the curfew, Harris’ choice to showcase the higher BPM trend speaks volumes about his commitment to pushing the limits and keeping dance music vibrant and ever-evolving.

Reviving Memories of Classic Dance Hits

The resurgence of higher BPMs in dance music harkens back to dance anthems like DJ Sammy’s “Heaven.” These timeless tracks, known for their energetic beats and uplifting melodies, have left an indelible mark on the dance music scene. By infusing his music with faster tempos, Harris pays homage to these classics while infusing them with a contemporary twist, ensuring that dance floors worldwide are filled with euphoria and excitement.

The Future of Dance Music

With “Desire” on the horizon, Calvin Harris continues to shape the future of dance music. By embracing higher BPMs and incorporating influences from various genres, he keeps the scene fresh and captivating. His willingness to experiment and take risks is a testament to his artistry and ability to connect with fans on a profound level.

Calvin Harris’ upcoming album promises to full of more high-octane dance anthems that will ignite dance floors worldwide. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of BPMs and his ongoing influence in shaping the dance music landscape are undeniable. As a fan of his earlier work, and a lover of trance music, I’m thrilled to see Harris ushering in this trend, as it opens doors for a broader range of musical possibilities in my club sets. With his exceptional talent and innovative spirit, Calvin Harris continues to be a driving force in the ever-evolving world of dance music.

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